1986 Queen – One Year of Love

I was pretty bored by this song, but loved the solo. Even Queen could not resist adding sax to a single song, but in this case I think it was a great call.

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1981 Grover Washington Jr. – Just the Two of Us

I think this one is actually a just love song written to a saxophone.

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1981 Christopher Cross – Arthur’s Theme (Best that You Can Do)

This one is pretty memorable to me – it definitely meets expectations.

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1988 LL Cool J – Going Back to Cali

I don’t think so.

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1985 Aretha Franklin – Freeway of Love

One of the few solos that I can’t imagine the song without.

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The best Samuel L. Jackson role

Recently I was on a long flight to Hawai’i and I was faced with the difficult task of choosing between 4 or 5 fabulous movies. I had the difficult problem of choosing between Cars 2, Monte Carlo, and Captain America. But then I saw that Captain America co-starred Samuel L. Jackson.

This made up my mind for me. I mean, if he can make Snakes on a Plane awesome, how could you go wrong? Boy, was I not let down! I was so moved by his performance that I compiled all of his scenes into a single montage, so people could just watch the Samuel L. Jackson parts and not bother with the rest of the movie. SPOILERS ALERT – if you don’t want to have the end given away, watch this truncated version instead.

Anyway, here it is, ALL the Samuel L. Jackson parts in his co-starring role! Thanks Samuel L. for making this movie everything it was.
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1984 Phil Collins – One More Night

If the constant 2 or 3 note pleas for just one more night were not working, the surprisingly interesting sax solo just might. Though I doubt anyone was surprised when the sax broke in.

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1985 Billy Ocean – When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

At almost 6 minutes, this song was way too long for its repetitive theme. So by the time you get to the sax solo, you’re totally ready for the song to wrap up. But honestly, this one redeemed the song a bit. For awhile anyway.

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The new sport that’s taking the world by storm. Kitebagging is essentially the fusion of other popular sports: “Jumping”, “Kite Flying”, and “Teabagging”.
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A toe jams

This is how I like to remove my toenails. Thanks for the help Reed.
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