Apartment Simulator

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Before I moved into my apartment, I sent a letter to the address to find out if I could move some stuff in early to the resident at the time. (Of course, Mozart Management later denied me this.) The guy was really nice, and provided me with a great deal of information about the apartment. His only warning was that the apartment was very loud. Like an ass, I said something like "Hey, I've been living on busy streets my entire life." He sort of let it go, and now I understand how he felt at the time. This apartment makes every other living space I've ever been in seem as quiet as the 9th floor stacks. I am not sure if it's the angle of the street outside, but the sounds seem to converge on my windows. To top that off, the guy upstairs has some sort of mixer and amplifier and fancies himself a musician. But from what I can hear, I can't imagine he is very successful yet. He plays his music almost 24/7 and somehow the incredible bass still hasn't blown out his subwoofer. He is up in the penthouse, where I think that 3 people live, and I can't even knock on his door cause they have a private elevator. Not sure which one he is of the three though.