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The best Samuel L. Jackson role

Recently I was on a long flight to Hawai’i and I was faced with the difficult task of choosing between 4 or 5 fabulous movies. I had the difficult problem of choosing between Cars 2, Monte Carlo, and Captain America. But then I saw that Captain America co-starred Samuel L. Jackson. This made up my [...]

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The new sport that’s taking the world by storm. Kitebagging is essentially the fusion of other popular sports: “Jumping”, “Kite Flying”, and “Teabagging”.

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A toe jams

This is how I like to remove my toenails. Thanks for the help Reed.

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Keystone Kaperthon

Tom7 has become fond of running races under difficult conditions. One day, talking about possible future costumes, I somehow committed myself to a ridiculous pair costume. The idea was for Tom to run with chains on his legs and arms, like an escaped convict. It seemed so unlikely to be possible that I agreed to [...]

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Today’s airport of yesterday

Not to be confused with Pittsburgh, which is “Yesterday’s Airport of Tomorrow”. (O’Hare)

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Bigelow Blvd. Bike Lane

The new crushed gravel bike lane on Bigelow Blvd. (Top of Bigelow Blvd.)

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Security line simulation

For some reason the Pittsburgh airport is extremely crowded in the mornings. When I was there a week or so ago it was no exception: I watched as many people who were loudly claiming they arrived around 1.5 hours early miss their flights. The only real bottleneck is the security line. The strange thing is, [...]

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Worst garage ever

My parents’ garage has gotten worse. Again. My father treats the garage as though it is an extension of his own body – how far can he make it go with the absolute minimum of repairs, putting off major surgery until it is probably too late. It has “worked” in a way, but you can [...]

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No need to squeeze

Don’t judge a book by its contents. (Left: Giant Eagle The Market District, Right: Home, 5 minutes later)

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Dove uninspirational messages

Recently I got a hold of some Dove chocolates which were part of a promotion by Dove where they would print inspirational messages given by the average US citizen. Maybe it’s just me, but these so-called inspirational messages were more like lowered expectations. In fact, I’d recommend nearly the opposite of most of them for [...]

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