Airport Insecurity

I don't have much to say about this. I was on my way to Costa Rica, and I stupidly forgot to put my precision screwdriver set (very small Philips head screwdrivers) in my checked bag. They found it in my carry on bag and took it away. Here's the kit:

I object to two things. One, the security guard came after me and gave me one of the screwdrivers back after. It was an eyeglass screwdriver, the same size as the other tools, but much sharper since it wasn't a Philip's head.

The other thing was that on the plane, they distributed all metal utensils (this was Continental). Now, I know I could have killed a bunch of people with all those utensils a lot easier than with my mini screwdrivers. I guess you only really need security if it doesn't irritate people too much. Amazing how much people have forgotten about what happened.