Healthy Logging Initiative

I just heard about a Bush backed bill with is part of the Healthy Forest Initiative. It is said to reduce the risk of wildfires by removing procedural requirements for the removal of underbrush and trees in our forests. They claim it to be based on scientific evidence.

I don't really think you can argue with science too much, but we've heard such claims from Bush before. In the wake of the fires this year, it is really very easy to pass such a law by playing off people's fears. I talked to a friend who knows about such things and he said "actually, thinning forests opens up the canopy, allowing sun penetration and increased evapotranspiration....ultimately, it means the forest dries out faster, making more destructive forest fires more likely". Now unlike the elusive Bush science, this is something I can hold on to.

There is a recent example of the Iraq war, where many people became convinced of the necessity of war through the fear of terrorism and nukes. This is a theme with the Bush Administration, as they've used fear to restrict civil rights, pursue war, and cut taxes. The fears are often so strong that the gap in causality can often be overlooked.

I just hate when a phrase like "Healthy Forest Initiative" is used to push bills that help trees get cut down faster. But the Bush Administration has also used this type of b.s. before - remember "No Child Left Behind". Bet you didn't think that would leave all the schools behind. I guess an empty forest is a healthy one though. At least the loggers will be happy.