The best Samuel L. Jackson role

Recently I was on a long flight to Hawai'i and I was faced with the difficult task of choosing between 4 or 5 fabulous movies. I had the difficult problem of choosing between Cars 2, Monte Carlo, and Captain America. But then I saw that Captain America co-starred Samuel L. Jackson.

This made up my mind for me. I mean, if he can make Snakes on a Plane awesome, how could you go wrong? Boy, was I not let down! I was so moved by his performance that I compiled all of his scenes into a single montage, so people could just watch the Samuel L. Jackson parts and not bother with the rest of the movie. SPOILERS ALERT - if you don't want to have the end given away, watch this truncated version instead.

Anyway, here it is, ALL the Samuel L. Jackson parts in his co-starring role! Thanks Samuel L. for making this movie everything it was.