I've had a few LG phones from Verizon. They don't offer many phones. I stay with them because of the mobile to mobile minutes, plus they have great service, which may not be that great relatively anymore. Anyway, 3 things happened to my almost year old LG VX4400. First of all, the screen started oozing glue all over the screen. This was probably due to my hot ass. Second, the battery charger started blinking red when charging, a sure sign that something needed to be replaced. In Pittsburgh speak, something needs replaced. The third thing is, my phone, when I could get it to charge, had a short battery life.

So I brought the phone to the downtown Verizon store. They told me to come back later, since the tech was gone. Fine, I left the phone and charger with them. When I came back, the tech gave me my phone and old charger. The screen was fixed, but they were out of stock on batteries. Also, he would not replace the charger because it was "damaged". What he meant by this is that I had taken steps one years ago to remedy a design flaw:

You see, you cannot use a headset while you charge your phone with this charger. The old LG chargers allowed it. The cut I made impacted no functional parts of the charger.

Though this change never affected the charging of my phone since I had done it, Verizon would not replace it. Also, when the tech tried to charge it, the blinking red didn't come on. Convenient. So Verizon won't correct their design flaws (or LG's), and when you make a cosmetic change to correct it, they use that as an excuse to not correct their other design flaw. Way to win customers.