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Security line simulation

For some reason the Pittsburgh airport is extremely crowded in the mornings. When I was there a week or so ago it was no exception: I watched as many people who were loudly claiming they arrived around 1.5 hours early miss their flights. The only real bottleneck is the security line. The strange thing is, [...]

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Awful neighbors

I have lived in this house for about 5 years, and on one side I have these neighbors who push just about every one of my buttons for this entire time. Here are some examples:

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The parking meeting

After finally getting someone in the city government to listen to me enough to plan a meeting, at least over email, I posted a note on the door of my building letting people know what I was doing, and asking for support from people at the parking meeting, since we would need to show that [...]

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Moving in to Pittsburgh

I was a little worried about how Pittsburgh would compare to Philadelphia, where I’d been living for 4 years. But I was trying to keep an open mind, since I had committed myself to this place over a beach with surfing every day of the year (UCSD). I arrived late the night before the “Immigration [...]

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Parking emails

When I moved into my apartment in September, I had a number of problems. One of them was finding a spot for my car. This problem was mostly the fault of my landlord, but I can’t absolve the city of some blame for ridiculously not providing permit parking for my apartment, even though the nearby [...]

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Airport (In)security

I don’t have much to say about this. I was on my way to Costa Rica, and I stupidly forgot to put my precision screwdriver set (very small Philips head screwdrivers) in my checked bag. They found it in my carry on bag and took it away. Here’s the kit: I object to two things. [...]

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I’ve had a few LG phones from Verizon. They don’t offer many phones. I stay with them because of the mobile to mobile minutes, plus they have great service, which may not be that great relatively anymore. Anyway, 3 things happened to my almost year old LG VX4400. First of all, the screen started oozing [...]

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911 response time

In a classic Pittsburgh moment, Steph’s car was broken into overnight. This alone could happen in any city, but here we have a special kind of criminal. And by special, i mean really really stupid. This guy tried to pry her passenger side front window open with something in mind and managed to shatter it. [...]

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