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The new sport that’s taking the world by storm. Kitebagging is essentially the fusion of other popular sports: “Jumping”, “Kite Flying”, and “Teabagging”.

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Keystone Kaperthon

Tom7 has become fond of running races under difficult conditions. One day, talking about possible future costumes, I somehow committed myself to a ridiculous pair costume. The idea was for Tom to run with chains on his legs and arms, like an escaped convict. It seemed so unlikely to be possible that I agreed to [...]

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Hurricane Bill

This is apparently what I looked like when deciding to surf Hurricane Bill saturday morning. I hadn’t really ever seen waves this powerful in person, so I was very skeptical that I’d come out alive.

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Outer banks kiting ’08

Finally. After 5 years of trying to learn this ridiculous sport I think I get it. It is unbelievably fun when it works.

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Killington pond skim

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Kiting in Corolla

I haven’t really posted anything where I’m actually kite surfing, and it’s mainly because I still am not very good and haven’t been around great conditions. But during our outer banks trip this year we had 3 good days out of 14, which is 3 more than last year.

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Where’s your flow at?

Ok, it’s not surfing, but it’s the closest you can get near Pittsburgh (please shut up about waves on Erie now). Hurts a lot more too.

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7 Springs terrain parks

Mountains: 7 Springs Conditions: Wet. Soaked. There were actually puddles to surf over all over the mountain. Trip Music: None. I don’t see Andrew much, so I didn’t need more distractions. Best Fall: Andrew falling off the high green rail on his face. Best Skills Acquired: Andrew: Got his confidence back Stephen: Grinding tabletops Ryan: [...]

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The bodysurfing genius

Brian is the best distance bodysurfer I’ve ever seen. But this year we met a girl who gave him a run for his money. She was just as cocky as him, but not as fatty, so she didn’t drag on the shallows like he did. He still managed to pull out a victory in a [...]

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Heroes of volleyball

For the last 15 years my family and the Russes have been vacationing in the Outer Banks, up near the Virginia border where there’s almost nothing. Nothing, that is, except volleyball.

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