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The new sport that’s taking the world by storm. Kitebagging is essentially the fusion of other popular sports: “Jumping”, “Kite Flying”, and “Teabagging”.

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Outer banks kiting ’08

Finally. After 5 years of trying to learn this ridiculous sport I think I get it. It is unbelievably fun when it works.

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Kiting in Corolla

I haven’t really posted anything where I’m actually kite surfing, and it’s mainly because I still am not very good and haven’t been around great conditions. But during our outer banks trip this year we had 3 good days out of 14, which is 3 more than last year.

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Kites are fun!

Chris was visiting this weekend, and I left him here and went snowboarding for a few hours. When we got back, he had made this video from various clips of me Brian and him flying kites (and one of my dad). It is both the lamest and most awesome thing he has ever done. I’ll [...]

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In the tree…

Me and Mike went to meet Chris and a few others up at Presque Isle sometime in April, hoping of course to get some practice really kitesurfing. Being of course near Pittsburgh, the weather wasn’t going to allow that. The wind went from dead to 30mph back to dead. On the upside, I was able [...]

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Back in Speculator

One year later, I went back to Lake Pleasant, and didn’t get completely wrecked. Of course, this time there weren’t 50mph+ gusts. Still very fun.

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Learning to jump

Chris, Steph, my parents, and I chanced a trip to Assateague Island, even though it was already October. We were rewarded with mostly sunny conditions and lots of wind. I took this opportunity to practice jumping and let the others learn to fly in heavy wind. Here, Chris gets his first taste of serious wind. [...]

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Mother Nature, you tease

I took a chance with the 2 hour drive today for questionable conditions. The last few readings had been around 15 knots, but it wasn’t clear if it would last for 2 more hours. I’m starting to see things that indicate when the wind is good; scattered showers don’t make for consistant wind. Anyway, my [...]

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First GTO flight

First Flight of the GTO Accompanied by my assistant Stephanie, I ventured up to Presque Isle, where the GTO would have its virgin flight. Presque Isle is quite large and has many potential launch locations, so I chose Sunset Point with the help of the park office. I set up on the moderately wide sandy [...]

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New 11m GTO

For quite a deal, through Chicago Kitesurfing I just (just=May 2003) purchased an inflatable 4 line kite, which seems to me to be entirely too large, especially when it is unpacked indoors.

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