Kiting in Corolla

I haven't really posted anything where I'm actually kite surfing, and it's mainly because I still am not very good and haven't been around great conditions. But during our outer banks trip this year we had 3 good days out of 14, which is 3 more than last year.

Jessica could not get enough floating on the beach.

And Brian, who's only tried kitesurfing 5 times or so, got up on the board and made it out to the sandbar and back. Well, barely back - he's like the Zoolander of kitesurfing: he can only go right.

I tried my first jump. Next time I'll try landing for the first time.

Not everyone had a great time though. I made the mistake of letting Tim have complete control over the kite his first time flying it, and he got a little more than a taste of the power. Damn. He never made a sound.

Sorry! Get well soon!