So here's what happened to me. I was going to an eye doctor, let's call him the "doctor". He helped me decide to get LASIK, and recommended this place that was basically a corporate LASIK factory that had ties across the country. This place was too far away, and my parents didn't trust them. Plus they were $1000 more than a doctor right in town who had done people they knew. Let's call this doctor the "surgeon".

I felt bad about not going to this corporation because my doctor would have gotten some money for it, so I mentioned something to the surgeon about my regret. He ended up matching whatever the corporation paid the doctor, and it was arranged that my follow up visits were with the doctor. I didn't even realize this was all going on, at least not explicitly. The surgeon only did this because I had felt bad, he usually did everything himself.

So I got the LASIK and went to three follow ups with the doctor. He never once said anything was wrong, but I knew my vision was not quite right. He claimed it would get better in the next year. I trusted him - he was a doctor, right? Anyway, I waited the year, hence the previous pages.

After a year of not being able to read for long or be awake for long, I contacted the surgeon. I told him I was still around +2.5 and he immediately said he would have never left me that way and I should have called earlier. This is when I started to realize that my doctor was an idiot.

Anyway, the surgeon fixed me up, no charge, and I'm now with perfect vision. Well, with some halos. My year of waiting and healing cost me a painful corneal encounter with a scalpel.