Portion control

Sometimes, I eat too much. Especially non-oniony things. I don't eat fast, but I also don't get full.

Ah, lab dinners. Nothing like a large group of people and an advisor who over-orders. I found myself being stared at by my lab and their significant others for about 45 minutes as I finished off all the entrees. This pic was snapped as I was deciding which one to finish next.

I recently went to my first Fuddruckers. They had this menu where a 1/3 pound burger is like 5 bucks, a 1/2 pound is 6, and a 1 pound is 7. Now for someone who is forced to maximize the calorie/dollar ratio at every food decision, the choice is clear.

Sometimes when I can't choose between a bunch of entrees, I find that the restaurant has graciously provided an all meat option. Especially now that people believe meat makes you thin. This Italian place in D.C. had just the thing: the "Meat Platter". That was description enough for me.

But really, there is nothing like Rodizio, the Brazilian buffet style, for satisfying your meat craving. It's clear from this video that they have exactly what I want. It's also clear from the video that the meat urge was passed down from my father to me.