Worst garage ever.

My parents' garage has gotten worse. Again. My father treats the garage as though it is an extension of his own body: how far can he make it go with the absolute minimum of repairs, putting off major surgery until it is probably too late. It has "worked" in a way, but you can be the judge.

This is not an illusion - the broom is completely straight.

Some of this wood is still (individually) fine.

We all used to think this railroad tie was a joke, but it's clearly doing something nontrivial now.

I can't even see all the roof from above because the sag is so severe.

This is like one of those in-store displays where you get to see firsthand how parts are put together in an exploded view.

There might still be 1-2 nails in here.

Actually, it's probably a GOOD thing that wood (weight) is missing from this side.

Inside the garage, the main support beam for the garage doors (which don't close anymore) has separated and been propped up by some scrap wood.

This wood trim won't last long now.

View through the back garage window.

In addition to the railroad tie, there's a pole and some other wood pieces.

The garage is getting more well lit since many of the walls have large holes as the wood falls away.

View of the main garage door support from the back.