Awful neighbors

I have lived in this house for about 5 years, and on one side I have these neighbors who push just about every one of my buttons for this entire time. Here are some examples:
  • They almost never shovel, including for a whole month during snowpocalypse. They also have left miscellaneous yard waste blocking their entire sidewalk multiple times for days at a time.
  • They block my driveway routinely. I thought this would get better when they put in their own driveway, since they would start to understand how it feels to be blocked, but actually it's gotten worse because now they sometimes park in between our two driveways, where there isn't enough space for the giant SUVs that they all seem to have.
  • Despite my best efforts to be neighborly (I have returned their dog who escaped, knocked on their door and warned them that their car lights had been left on, etc) I have yet to receive a "Hello" from anyone in their house for 5 years. When I have said hi first, I have been rewarded (at most) with a cold stare.
All these and other things are pretty annoying, but not tough to deal with. The thing that really gets to me is their dog ownership. I grew up with dogs, and I know the basic rule - if you don't ever walk your dog, and you use your yard as your dog's unsupervised exercise/bathroom for your own convenience, you've got to let the dog in when it barks. Both for the dog, and for your neighbors. But these people don't seem to respond to their dog barking for an hour or more. I know they can hear the dogs, because I can hear them from any room in my house, including rooms facing the opposite direction. This has been going on for years, with no improvement, so I wrote a program to monitor the dog barks using a microphone. Here's a taste, from tonight:

Time 0 corresponds to 6:11PM, and the graph shows the following 60 minutes. It was about 19 degrees outside. As you can see, the dog slowly ramped up his barking. 823 barks in all. Since I was taught to care about animals (i.e. let them in), I am forever cursed to hear them all.

These are the times between barks, which form a nice exponential distribution. This is pretty typical, and I certainly could use the data from most nights in place of tonight's.