Onion hater

I know everyone hates some foods, so why should I complain about onions? See, within the last few years I've been slowly realizing that there's a conspiracy to make me eat onions, all going back to my mother. She would make food X, and then when I'd ask if there're onions in it, would say no or somehow dodge it. She had the best intentions, for me to get used to them - but it just never worked as it did for so many other foods. The problem is, she's still doing it. As a result of this , I wasn't aware of the cause of my hatred of some foods for most of my life.

Most of my friends start out by saying - I bet I could make you like onions in MY cooking. It's amazing how many people have said this. After many blind taste tests between identical items cooked with and without onions, they are mostly convinced that I actually cannot enjoy them. Some believe I am just too stubborn - but believe me, I would LOVE to enjoy onions. We live in an onion filled society. They have infected almost every culture - very little food is safe. The pressures of onion society have polarized me into an onion hater.