Keystone Kaperthon

Tom7 has become fond of running races under difficult conditions. One day, talking about possible future costumes, I somehow committed myself to a ridiculous pair costume. The idea was for Tom to run with chains on his legs and arms, like an escaped convict. It seemed so unlikely to be possible that I agreed to chase him as a keystone cop – if he went through with it.

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Today’s airport of yesterday

Not to be confused with Pittsburgh, which is “Yesterday’s Airport of Tomorrow”. (O’Hare)
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1982 Ray Parker Jr. – The Other Woman

The repetitive sax fills in this song were not really representative of the message, which is: in order to be happy, the singer needs to cheat on his relationship with someone spontaneous and different. Points for the duet though – that was unique.

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1985 Tears for Fears – The Working Hour

According to the rubric I’ve already been working with, the length and frequency of sax really hurts the grade here. Even for this long clip (2:39!): I cut out many sax parts. But damn, I pretty much love this solo. If you’re going to have this much sax, definitely do it like this guy.

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1984 Sade – When am I Going to Make a Living

Sade is one of the few 80s artists who actually deserves the sax accompaniment.

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1987 Glenn Medeiros – Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You

A bit shocking – it starts so suddenly and then scales down to about the level of the vocals. I’m glad they left it at this though.

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1985 Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop the Dance

Seriously, whoever was controlling the reverb knob got a bit out of control after awhile. Totally ruined a perfectly fine solo.

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1988 Steve Winwood – Roll With It

Pretty solid.

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1983 Pink Floyd – The Gunner’s Dream

Not only did this actually add something meaningful to the song, it also gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. True story.

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1988 W.G. Snuffy Walden – Roseanne Theme

When the knowledge that Roseanne was coming on wasn’t enough to compel me to turn off the TV, this theme song certainly helped.

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