Lesson 4: Common courtesy and other techniques

Now, if you have been doing some driving already, you may be asking, "Why am I being honked at so frequently for no reason at all? And why, if I honk to move traffic along, am I rewarded only with road rage?" The answer is simple. The horn in Pittsburgh should only be used when it is for a more social purpose and otherwise meaningless, as in "I know you are trying to parallel park, and I am just waiting behind you instead of maneuvering around you." and "How dare you pedestrians cross in front of me when I am sitting in gridlock." It should never be used to actually affect a change in traffic flow.

Speaking of maneuvering, most Pittsburghers do not attempt to ever go around a car with its blinker on, and they also look down on those who do. This applies to parallel parkers with their blinker on and the opposing lane free, and left and right turners. Follow their example and just wait behind the single line of traffic. You will probably get to go eventually, and more importantly, you can be proud of your patience.

Again, it is futile to assume other drivers will be able to interpret what a blinking light near your tail light could possibly mean. For all they know, you could just be winking at them. Just refrain from signalling.

You should always yield to the driver with the most ridiculous confusing and unnecessary maneuver. While yielding, admire and think about emulating their moves.

If you are still having trouble adapting, just remember this simple rule.

Just slow down and relax, you really aren't going anywhere anyway.