Don't rent from Mozart Management

I had a landlord in Philadelphia I thought was bad. They couldn't fix things on time, correctly, or sometimes at all. But they were at least human. I cannot say the same for Mozart. They are exactly what is potentially a problem with any corporation, they are no longer made up of a collection of people. The number of levels of beaurocracy is indecipherable to me, and I've tried to deal with it quite a bit. I am not convinced the employees could pass the Turing test. Except the maintenance staff of course, who are totally cool. But at the office, they are just robots. And their policies are just horrible. Here are some examples off the top of my head.

  • The various parking conflicts I've had with them
  • After my car was broken into on their lot (I had a parking permit I was paying them for) , when I tried to back it in to prevent the trunk from being opened by anyone walking by (back it in against a wall), they threatened to tow my car.
  • Their lease is just plain illegal.
  • When Jessica was being harrased by her insane neighbor, they wanted her to pay about $1500 to move to an unrented (and less desirable) apartment of theirs in the same building, and extend her lease by a year.
  • They frequently told me something was "my problem", e.g. my car being broken into on their lot and their employee lying to me about the apartment I was renting.
  • They changed their name from NALCO over a lawsuit that they paid $1 mil to settle. They wouldn't rent their units to black people. This is in the EARLY 90's! A lot of the same people are still associated with Mozart.