Cold warm fridge insturchons

My office mate Matt has a pretty bad refrigerator. He seemed to like it, but it fit about 6 cans of soda at most. Recently he showed me the user manual for the fridge, which has to be some of the worst engrish out there. And I've been exposed to some bad engrish. I couldn't resist scanning them in.

Better reserve those useinsturchons, you don't want anyone to take them out. Cold warm refrigerators are in high demand these days.

It may look like the door handle, but it is actually the "installation".

Thread the cord through the window to the car battcry. Just be careful driving with your engine hood up.

When opening the cave slot, just watch out for the bear.

Just like a woman.

When use it as coolor, can't touch steel-iron part to prevent been frozd.

I always have nightmares about the bad ventilated place.

Especially when your car is only twice the size of the cold warm refrigerator.

If your battery is not crying, you should be alright.

Water or soup is ok, as long as you don't put liquid in too.

Just ask for a cold warm refrigerator extention wire.

I know what you're thinking. Take it from me, it will damage.

So much for that romantic picnic with your refrigerator.

I have no idea what this means. The only thing I can figure out is that being unmoral could get me set on fire.
You can insert it indirectly though.
Other insecticides (other than "orsin") are ok. I guess orsin is the sun and a flaming teapot?
Immerging is for the highway.
I wonder where I can get this flame controller in a can?
Don't let the fridge dance either.

I wish all instruction booklets provided a take care method.

Eating priority for street dinar tood in the refuge rator is the following:

  1. Easy spoilable freezable food
  2. Wet food
  3. Troubles tood
  4. Beer bottledbeverage
  5. Digger
See appendix A for possible alternative arrangements.
For those of you who like your beer frozen.
How do they want me to clean my food canal?
For more great Engrish, do a google search for PE paper.

can'tpreserved means won'tpreserved

Usually, spraying gasoline (or orpin) is perfectly safe.

This special family AC adapter is suitable for use in:
-Basement dry place
-Other dry place

For those lunatics who actually want to use the fridge inside, just see Home Appliance Agent.